Andrew Kang

Andrew Kang


Former Ministry of Education (MOE) Vice-Principal and National Institute of Education (NIE) International External Consultant.

Has 18 years of teaching, management and leadership experience.

Has expertise in developing systems to improve student performance and target learning gaps.

Experienced in implementing instructional practices that empower both teachers and students.

A leader in education management and development, planning and design, pedagogy and assessment.

A strong advocate in change of management in building a positive, student-centred learning culture.

Andrew serves as a member of the Board of Advisors of SIMCC and STS. Singapore International Mastery Contests Centre (SIMCC) is one of the largest math contests organizers in Singapore and Asia.

Jenny Yeo

Jenny Yeo

Board of Advisors & Academic Consultant

Mrs Jenny Yeo is a veteran educator and a well-known and respected ex-principal of Kheng Cheng School, Radin Mas Primary School (an IT Demonstration School) and South View Primary School in Singapore.

South View Primary School was awarded the SQC (Singapore Quality Class & Best Practices for Teaching & Learning) under her leadership.

Upon retirement, Mrs Jenny Yeo was posted to MOE and was appointed to be a Lead Associate focusing on promoting parents’ partnership in CEG (Communications and Engagement Group) of the Ministry of Education. She eventually left MOE to head an International School in Bangkok. Subsequently, she was engaged as an Academic Consultant in Thai Singapore International School (TSIS).

Henry Ong

Henry Ong

Board of Advisors and President of STS, Singapore

Founded Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO) in 2006.

Created a team based competition, the Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge (SIMOC) in 2015.

Led the Singapore Math Olympiad team to compete in international competitions in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand and Singapore.

Invited by the Teacher’s Network, Ministry of Education Singapore to train teachers to help students develop thinking skills through games and puzzles.

Created the Math Magic workshop at the Talent Development Institute for High Ability students for the Gifted Education Branch (GEB), Ministry of Education (MOE).

Henry is currently pursuing his doctorate in Education Policy and Organisational Leadership at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

JoBeth Williams

JoBeth Williams

Head of English, Primary 5 & 6 English Teacher

Graduated with Bachelor of Communication Studies with Honours at NTU.

Graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) at NIE.

Taught in an MOE school for 8 years and served as English and Literature Level IC for many of those years, specialising in teaching graduating classes and in setting examinations.

Her first love is English Literature, and seeks to instil a similar love of reading in students by grounding them in real-world concepts, popular culture and general knowledge.

Has 5 years of experience in the tuition industry as a curriculum designer and teacher for various tuition centres.

Dicky Lim

Dicky Lim

Head of Mathematics

Graduated from The National University of Singapore in 1987 with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in 1987.

Dicky worked in Malayan Banking Berhad (MBB), Singapore Airlines (SQ), Cold Storage(S) Pte Ltd and American International Assurance (AIA) before making a mid-career switch into education in 1999.

He headed the Aesthetics Department for 3 years, then moved over to the Mathematics Department as a Level Head. He has conducted workshops for teachers and parents at both the school cluster level and national level. He was also a Chief Presiding Examiner (CPE) for PSLE for more than 10 years and an Assistant Supervisor for Marking (ASM) of Mathematics (6 years) and Foundation Mathematics (1 year).

He was instrumental in the crafting of supplementary worksheets for his school for at least 15 years and has continued to design and write the primary school Mathematics curricula for Ministry of Learning and TCHER Online.

He is the recipient of the GMPS Champion Award (2012), Outstanding Contribution Awards (2001 – 2003) and the MOE Service Excellence Award (2017).

Sherwin Loo

Sherwin Loo

Head of Science, Primary 6 Science Teacher

Graduated with Bachelor of Business Administration at NUS.

Graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) at NIE.

Sherwin has more than 8 years of classroom teaching experience in MOE, with his last 2 years teaching Science in the Gifted Education Programme. He has seen through several batches of graduating students and was heavily involved in cluster collaborative efforts to run science programmes, set up science learning centres as well as marking at PSLE.

Since 2014, Sherwin has been planning and writing primary science curriculum in the local enrichment industry. In his role, he conducted lessons, workshops for students and parents, and was the key resource person for teachers to approach and consult.

Sherwin holds more than 10 years of corporate managerial experience, in banking, retail and environmental industries. Sherwin leverages on his real-world experience to engage young children and help them flourish. 

Koh Cher Hern

Koh Cher Hern

Primary 6 Mathematics Teacher

Graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) at NUS.

Graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PDGE) at NIE.

Graduated with a Diploma in Departmental Management at NTU/NIE.

Cher Hern is a recipient of the President’s Award for Teachers (2004) and has extensive teaching experience handling students at different levels and backgrounds. His passion is in motivating and bringing out the best in his students.

Cher Hern has more than two and a half decades of teaching experience as a Mathematics teacher. He excels in developing challenging curricula to motivate his students. Cher Hern has also spent more than ten years as a Head of Department (HOD) for Mathematics and taught in the Gifted Education Programme (GEP).

Teo Boon Leng

Teo Boon Leng

Primary 6, Secondary & Post-Secondary Education Institutions English Teacher

Teo Boon Leng has taught English and Literature at O-level, and General Paper and Literature at A-level. He has also tutored a number of IP students, from Hwa Chong Institution, National Junior College and Raffles Girls’ School. His experience figures largely in bringing out the best from students, whatever the ability level, focusing on individual strengths and weaknesses. The widely creative and rigorous approach used in his classes has prompted several of his students to pursue Literature at higher academic levels, and even inspired some to embark on a career teaching Literature. His fundamental philosophy in teaching is to enhance students’ competence in and knowledge of English and Literature in order to perform well academically, and to appreciate and enjoy life through language and the arts, and all this while having fun in the process.

Augustine Lim

Augustine Lim

Primary 5 & 6 Mathematics Teacher

Graduated with Bachelor of Business Studies in NTU and received Post-Graduate Diploma in Education in 2009 from NIE.

He has more than 10 years teaching experience in a primary school and international schools, and has also taught in various learning centres and currently runs a learning centre as well. He has a keen interest in mathematics and specialises in PSLE Math as well as A and E math for O levels.

May Lim

May Lim

Primary 4 & 5 Mathematics and Science Teacher

Graduated from NIE with a Diploma in Education

Taught in Poi Ching Primary School for 5 years and has experience as a PSLE marker. She has 16 years of experience giving tuition specialising in primary school Mathematics & Science. She is deeply passionate about teaching and enjoys helping students understand and apply concepts and keywords.

With her strong mastery in subject content, she is more than equipped to motivate students and develop in them a love and passion for the subject. A nurturing and endearing teacher, she exhibits a patient, genuine care for students and takes personal responsibility to help her students improve.

Many of her PSLE students obtain A* in her subjects and successfully gain entry into Hwa Chong Institution, Raffles Girls' School, Raffles Institution, Dunman High etc.

Rajinder Kaur

Rajinder Kaur

Primary 4 English Teacher

Graduated with Masters of Applied Linguistics, Curtin University, Western Australia

Graduated with a Certificate of English Teaching to Adults (CELTA), Curtin University, Western Australia

Graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Secondary), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Graduated with Bachelor of Arts, University of Western Australia, Western Australia

With more than 13 years of teaching experience specialising in English, English Literature, History and Social Studies for High School students, as well as English as a Second Language (ESL), TCHER Rajin is passionate about developing the literacy skills of culturally and linguistically diverse students. She also works collaboratively with other teachers to support them in developing learning programmes and teaching practices for ESL students aligned to rigorous content standards. She has extensive international work experience in Australia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Esther Teo

Esther Teo

Primary 4 Mathematics Teacher

Graduated with Bachelor of Arts (Education) with Honours, specialising in Upper Primary English, Mathematics and Science from NIE.

Taught in St. Joseph’s Institution (Junior) for 4 years, including ESL students and students with special needs. She was involved in several challenging projects like The Straits Times National Spelling Championship, the Photography and Publication Club, as well as preparing students for the P3 Gifted Education Programme Test.

She has a great deal of experience tutoring students, including a stint at The Learning Lab. Esther teaches engaging lessons covering lesson objectives with good pacing and structure, appropriately pitched to students’ interests and learning needs and styles.

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