How can you give back to society and help underprivileged children?

Children deserve access to the best education.

Our Sponsorship Programme


TCHER Online is collaborating with charities to provide children with free access to their curricula as a step to achieve the age-old problem of educational equity.

Partnering various organizations such as the Singapore Children’s Society and Calvary Community Care, we have launched the Sponsor a Child programme aimed at helping 200 children from needy families (bottom 10 percentile). TCHER Online’s mission is to provide the needy and marginalised with access to high-quality education.

TCHER Online is a team of ex-Ministry of Education (Singapore) educators offering Primary 4 to Secondary 2 classes for students in Singapore.


  • We aim to help students achieve their academic potential
  • We help students improve their grades and develop a keen interest in their studies
  • We stretch and challenge our students beyond the mainstream syllabus. Our students take part and excel in English, Science and Mathematics Olympiads
  • We help our students develop grit, a drive to excel and a growth mindset

Hear from our partners

The Story of Ang Zhi Min

She is a P6 student at Geylang Methodist Primary School. Calvary Community Care came to know about Ang Zhi Min’s need for academic support after working with Ang Zhi Min’s younger sister in our reading support programme.

The three children in the family are on MOE’s FAS (Financial Assistance Scheme). Seeing how Ang Zhi Min is an earnest student who is keen to learn, TCHER Online is happy to sponsor her with lessons.

Here is what she has to say about her experience with TCHER Online, “The lessons are fun, interesting and very helpful. I like how we are given questions to work on and then the teacher goes through the answers, which helps me understand my work. The teachers are friendly and they give very clear explanations.”

Their father, Mr Ang H K shared that parents who are not proficient in English struggle to help their children in their schoolwork. Without the means to provide their children with tuition classes, he and his wife could only leave their three children to manage their studies on their own.

Here is what he has say to about our lessons, “TCHER Online lessons have been very good for my daughter. The teachers explain the lessons in a very clear way and help my daughter understand her work well. Since P3, Ang Zhi Min would get so stressed before an exam that she would fall sick. I have even spoken with her school counsellor to see what we can do. As parents, we don’t put any stress on her, but she would still be very frightened each time before an exam. But this time, after attending TCHER Online lessons, I was very surprised that she was so calm before her school prelims exam and she did not get sick. I used to feel quite helpless as I did not know where to get affordable help for my children’s studies, and when TCHER Online offered to sponsor the lessons for Ang Zhi Min, I was so surprised. It was a wonderful surprise, an unexpected blessing from God. It came just at the right time for her PSLE. We really appreciate the help from TCHER Online. Thank you very much!”

The Story of Lee Shi Ying

She is a P5 student at Geylang Methodist Primary School.
Lee Shi Ying was a student in Calvary Community Care’s reading support programme, GROW, when she was in P1 and P2.

Lee Shi Ying is a very keen student and an independent learner. Her mother, who is Vietnamese, is only able to converse in Mandarin. Her hearing and speech impaired father can read and write simple English. Both parents feel they are unable to provide the coaching that their daughter needs.

Lee Shi Ying is exceptionally motivated and is a fast learner. She has the potential to do very well in school if she can get additional support in her studies. TCHER Online has stepped in to sponsor Lee Shi Ying with the lessons she needs. Here is what she has to say, “I really enjoy the Science lessons at TCHER Online programme. Teacher Mei explains the lessons in such a clear way that I find it easy to understand and remember. I feel that I have already improved in my school work, and I am excited to think I can do well for my SA2 exams this year.”

How to be a sponsor


  1. Select the amount you would like to sponsor and proceed to our checkout page. You can select to sponsor a child for up to 1 year.
  2. Upon your payment for the programme, our customer service team will be in touch with you to share the background of the child you’re sponsoring.
  3. If you decide on less than 1 year’s worth of sponsorship and wish to renew your sponsorship for the same child later, our customer service team will assist you with the renewal process.

*All sponsored children will participate in Mathematics, Science and English Olympiad Training and Competition as part of our programme.

Join us and Sponsor a Child now

$120 per month of 4 lessons per subject (1-hour lecture and 1-hour tutorial, plus full access to whole year lesson videos for the sponsored subject). 

Sponsorship payment is termly – $360 for 12 weeks.

There is an option to sponsor a child for 1-3 subjects. Please commit to sponsoring a child for the full academic year.


Please contact us for more information