Secondary English and Literature

How to unlock your potential in Literature? How can it empower your language learning?
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TCHER Online is presenting a series on Secondary 1 and 2 English and Literature that promises to open new perspectives to learning and enjoying language and communication.

The sessions will be live-streamed by TCHER Teo Boon Leng, a very experienced ex-MOE teacher, who has taught English and Literature at O-level, and General Paper and Literature at A-level.  His fundamental philosophy in teaching is to enhance students’ competence in and knowledge of English and Literature in order to perform well academically, and to appreciate and enjoy life through language and the arts, and all this while having fun in the process.

The 12 sessions will cover various aspects of language and literary close analysis through the reading of rich texts and writing exercises.

Each lesson will largely follow the structure below with slight modification to suit each lesson’s needs. Examination coaching will be conducted nearer to examinations.

1 Short writing exercise (as part of pre-lesson task)
2  Multimedia

Discussion of Text

  1. Introduction
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Query (Inquiry & analysis)
  4. Summary/discussion of content & style
4 Sentence Skills
5 Grammar & Vocabulary
6 Application to writing


$30 per lesson now till 1st May