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My girl Tina really enjoyed her trial classes with Cherrr. The teachers were all very engaging and presented the lessons well. The 1 hour lesson is just nice as it’s not too long to bore the students. Cherrr’s weekly lesson system is well managed. This also allows parents and students to do revision. I am impressed. Therefore, I have decided to sign my daughter up for Cherrr’s online learning platform as a supplement to her existing self-directed learning. 

Thank you Cherrr for the good teachers and the platform for primary school students to espouse for remote learning during Singapore’s circuit breaker period.

Shirley Chong (Parent)

I was introduced by a friend to attend Cherrr’s trial class. I signed my daughter up for her Science tuition class. The system is very organised. It allows you to test the audio, microphone and speaker functions before running the class. Before every class starts, there will be a task to do based on what you have learnt last week. It serves as a mini revision for the students to refresh their memory.

The teachers and students will interact with each other and this makes the lesson more lively.

What I like most are the teaching materials used. It’s not complicated yet compact enough for the students to understand the topic better. Online learning is the way to go as we move on to the future. That’s why I am letting her continue lessons with Cherrr to get her used to the system.

Ashley Yang (Parent)

My son, Matthew tried out Cherrr’s trial classes during his LOA for about 10 days.  Lessons started on time and the sessions had well-timed breaks for Matthew to move on to the next subject. Cherrr online tuition has great educational content and Matthew learned many things, stepping out of his comfort zone at times. Matthew continued his lessons with Cherrr after the LOA period and continues to be an eager learner.  

Thank you to Cherrr for the good teachers and the platform for the kids to embrace remote learning during Singapore’s circuit breaker period.

Martin Goh (Parent)

I would like to thank Cherrr for introducing Mr Sherwin as a Science tutor to my child, Bhaveash. Mr Sherwin can teach with flexibility and explain the subject using the right approach. Bhaveash enjoys being able to interact through video conferencing with his tutor. He has gained confidence on answering challenging questions.

Kalai Vani Palaniandy (Parent)

I feel that Cherrr is a good platform and provides a fun way to learn as there is interaction between the students and teacher. Also, should a student need assistance or have any dire questions, the student can raise up the virtual hand icon by pressing on it and that alerts the teacher. Then the teacher will answer the question and the student will be enlightened. Another function is the blackboard function. It allows the students to type out their answer and check if it’s correct as the teacher goes through the lesson. I like that trophies are awarded to students who give the right answer! Thus, some students might treat it as a game to think and answer. This helps me learn more as well with the urge of being attentive so I can gain more trophies at the end of the lesson. Last but not least, I’ve made many new friends online through Cherrr.

Jayden Tan (Student)

P5, North Vista Primary School

My daughter enjoyed her first session with Cherrr. She found the session engaging. Teacher JoBeth (English teacher) gave clear explanations and provided the class with strategies to answer open-ended comprehension questions. Laurette found the strategies useful and would definitely apply them. The other plus point about the lesson is that Teacher JoBeth gave them sample questions from past PSLE papers and they were taught how to answer them.

Maria Lim (Parent)

My daughter really enjoyed her trial classes with Cherrr. The teachers were all very engaging and presented the lessons in a way that piqued the students’ interest in the subjects. The 1 hour lesson is just nice as it’s not too long to bore the students. Cherrr’s weekly online lessons help to reinforce what the student has learnt in school and I find this learning method very revolutionary in the tuition industry. I have decided to sign my daughter up for Cherrr’s online learning platform as a supplement to her existing self-directed learning.

Sharon Lim (Parent)

I never expected myself to enjoy online classes, but since I joined Cherrr, I was so engrossed in the amazing 1-hour online experience. My teacher was Cherrr Jobeth. She was a really nice teacher and also really good to me as she welcomed me with open arms even though I was a new student. I really love learning at Cherrr and I wish to continue lessons with Cherrr! Thank you so much for the wonderful lessons!

Gwendolynn Tham (Student)

P6, CHIJ Toa Payoh

We got to know about Cherrr during the period of time when my daughter was placed on LOA. 

I appreciate the effort put in by Cherrr for conducting the home based learning programme for the students for free. I signed her up without having any expectations, considering it was free trial lessons.

During the lessons, I have observed the classes are very well organized. The teachers manage the students very well even though it’s a virtual platform. Anya is fully engaged in all her lessons.

Hence, I have decided to sign her up for science lessons. Ms Jacklyn Kong has shown interest in the learning of the students. When Anya is absent from class, we receive the  lessons notes via email so that she will not miss out. Thank you Ms Kong for your dedication!

Claira Aw (Parent)

Cherrr is a great interactive platform and has a variety of tools to enhance learning. 

Spending a bit of time prior to the first session to get acquainted with the tools would definitely be beneficial in keeping up with the pace of the class. The teachers share insightful tips as well as reinforce key concepts on top of keeping the students motivated and engaged. We have been looking at online classes for some time now and Cherrr by far has offered the most reasonable rates. 

Remy Heng (Parent)

My P6 boy enjoys Mr Sherwin’s Science lessons as he is introduced to simple yet interesting acronyms to help him remember key points. The online platform has features that allows Mr Sherwin to engage him throughout the one-hour lesson.

Des Low (Parent)

Cherrr is a great platform which allows me to learn more about my weak subject.

When I am in doubt, the teacher would explain clearly and I learnt a lot from there. Before we start the class, there are discussions with teachers and friends which make us chat along happily. Thank you Cherrr for letting me learn and have fun in just an hour.

Amanda Ong (Student)

P6, Poi Ching School

My son Lucas has completed his first trial lesson for each subject. I can feel the sincerity of teachers and staff helping my son to achieve his best potential in learning. The teachers are competent and interacted well with the students. The lesson content is well organized too. My son enjoys the lesson so much. Thanks Cherrr!

Michelle Lim (Parent)

I was referred by my neighbor with a very interesting bubble tea referral. Afterwards, my daughter Sharon tried out Cherrr’s trial classes for all 3 subjects. We find it useful and it benefits her in her learning and preparation for exams. Lessons always start on time and Cherrr online tuition has great educational content. Sharon learned many things, stepping out of her comfort zone at times. She has gained confidence in answering challenging questions. Thank you Cherrr!

Grace Ng (Parent)

Esther is the founder of LEAD Education Group.

Liz joined Cherrr when it was running free trials early this year. At that time, we tried the lessons for English, Math and Science. The lessons were all 1 hour long and always started on time.

The teachers we had the chance to work with were Ms JoBeth, Ms Emily and Mr Sherwin. All the teachers were professional and spoke with good diction. Lessons are all well prepared. The experience of the teachers was evident as they were not only able to manage the lessons well, but were also encouraging. I was also impressed with how the teachers were able to handle the online mischief by giving out “trophies” and making each lesson not only educational but also fun.

Content wise, the lessons are compact. The pre-lesson tasks are good as pointers for revision and even as homework for extra practices. At this point, the topics taught at Cherrr are not congruent with Liz’s school syllabus but being that she is P6, I look forward to the revision lessons that will come in very useful as Liz prepares for PSLE.

Liz is naturally a shy girl. While the portal encourages all to go on video mode so that all can see each other in class, the option to opt out of video mode allows Liz to be better able to concentrate on the lesson without being too self-conscious. I love the playback as it allows for me as a parent to catch up on what my child has done during class without having to sit and breathe down her neck as she takes the lessons online. The last 2 minutes where the summary has to be shared with parents is also great for us to have a quick dipstick on what has been taught. Of course it also works well during one event wherein we missed an online lesson and the playback allowed for us to carry on to the next week’s lessons without any gaps.

Being a new set platform, I must admit that there were some glitches on the portal. We missed 2 lessons as we were not able to log on. That said, the customer service staff from Cherrr are very professional and what I really like is that there is a REAL Customer Service Representative that is allocated to every single student to service us when we encounter issues. Nothing beats a personalized call to help resolve issues!

After the trials, Liz was keen to continue on and I signed up with no hesitation for a 3 month package for 2 out of the 3 subjects we trialed. The portability of having lessons anywhere without being worried about classes having to be cancelled or postponed due to holidays or days when Liz feels under the weather is such a plus point.

Good job to all the teachers and staff for making Cherrr happen. It really is a learning platform made for students with the learner and learning in mind. Keep the good work going!

Esther Lim (Parent)

Cherrr is a very accessible online tuition. Lessons are very enjoyable and fun. If we were to get a question correct we would receive a trophy from the teacher. It is so interactive.

I really enjoy tuition but I don’t like going out for tuition. So Cherrr works for me.

Whenever I ask the teacher a question(s), they are very responsive and kind in the way they answer my question(s). Even if I were to miss a lesson, I am able to rewatch what was covered during the class unlike for physical tuition. My favourite teacher is Cherrr Veron. 🙂

Liz Lim (Student)

P6, CHIJ Katong Primary

At the invitation of Andrew, I involved my daughter Carmen in Cherrr’s online classes. To be honest, I was still a little worried at the beginning, thinking that she might not be able to adapt to this new learning mode. But afterwards, it felt incredible to see my daughter sitting at the computer on time and looking forward to Cherrr’s online course.
I also tried to sit next to the computer to “accompany” my daughter to class. I found that there was a good interaction between students and teachers. The teachers on the screen were also actively answering the students’ inquiries. When students are in doubt, teachers will also explain the exercises and assign relevant homework to the kid. At the end of each session, the teacher will invite parents to join students at the computer and report to them what the kid has learned today and how parents can help the children at home. I think this learning platform is very professional, and also full of human touch. I strongly recommend this to all of you!

Michael Chiang (Parent)

The lessons are interesting and the teachers are very friendly. I enjoy attending lessons very much! I never imagined that online lessons could be so fun! Thank you very much, Cherrr!

Carmen (Student)

P5, Canberra Primary School

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