Primary 6 - Mathematics

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Learning Mathematics is a key fundamental in every education system that aims to prepare its citizens for a productive life in the 21st century.  The Cherrr Maths learning experience provides an excellent platform to train the maturing minds to think logically, abstractly, critically and creatively.

The Primary 6 curriculum begins with a quick flash back of concepts learnt in Algebra, Fractions, Ratio and Percentage. These topics carry a big weighting in PSLE Maths papers. We will also share some of the new trends in Maths testing such as using everyday objects and authentic situations.  We hope to boost students’ confidence by familiarising them with commonly tested exam questions so that they are fully prepared for school assessments and ultimately the PSLE challenge. 

Weekly Lessons

Monday – 7 PM to 8 PM
Wednesday – 7 PM to 8 PM
Saturday – 3 PM to 4 PM

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March 2020
Week Lesson
2nd Mar to 8th Mar (Algebra / Fractions / Ratios)
9th Mar to 15th Mar Term 1 Revision
16th Mar to 22nd Mar Term 1 Revision
23rd Mar to 29th Mar Circles
30th Mar to 5th Apr Circles
April 2020
Week Lesson
6th Apr to 12th Apr Circles
13th Apr to 19th Apr Term 2 Revision
20th Apr to 26th Apr Term 2 Revision
27th Apr to 3rd May Term 2 Revision
May 2020
Week Lesson
4th May to 10th May Angles in Geometrical Figures
11th May to 17th May Angles in Geometrical Figures
18th May to 24th May Revision (P5 Rates)
25th May to 31st May Revision (P5 Volume)
June 2020
Week Lesson
1st Jun to 7th Jun Revision (Algebra and Numbers)
8th Jun to 14th Jun Revision (Fractions)
15th Jun to 21st Jun Revision (Ratio and Percentage)
22nd Jun to 28th Jun Revision (Circles)
29th Jun to 5th Jul Revision (Angles)
July 2020
Week Lesson
6th Jul to 12th Jul PSLE Revision (Problem Solving Strategies)
13th Jul to 19th Jul PSLE Revision (Problem Solving Strategies)
20th Jul to 26th Jul PSLE Revision (Problem Solving Strategies)
27th Jul to 2nd Aug PSLE Revision (Problem Solving Strategies)
August 2020
Week Lesson
3rd Aug to 9th Aug PSLE Revision (Problem Solving Strategies)
10th Aug to 16th Aug PSLE Final Revision
17th Aug to 23rd Aug PSLE Final Revision
24th Aug to 30th Aug PSLE Final Revision
31st Aug to 6th Sep PSLE Final Revision
September 2020
Week Lesson
7th Sep to 13th Sep PSLE Final Revision
14th Sep to 20th Sep PSLE Final Revision
21st Sep to 27th Sep PSLE Final Revision
28th Sep to 4th Oct PSLE Final Revision

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