Primary 5 - Mathematics

Learning Mathematics is a key fundamental in every education system that aims to prepare its citizens for a productive life in the 21st century.

At the Primary 5 level, the inquisitive minds are ready to move from pictorial modelling to abstract learning in the form of equations and heuristics skills.  Effective approaches such as ‘Before-Change-After’ and ‘Simultaneous Equations’ are taught across various topics. 

Besides having the exposure of relevant strategies, students have the opportunities to:

  • take notes for timely revision nearer school assessments
  • practice commonly tested exam questions
  • obtain feedback via short quizzes to improve learning and reinforce concepts

Students will find it easy to tackle higher-order thinking questions with the repertoire of heuristics and problem solving strategies.  This gives them an added advantage as they advance to Primary 6 after the year-end examination. 

Add small-group tutorials for more targeted learning & revision

If you feel your child needs more help after our hour-long lecture, you can sign them up for our weekly tutorials too. These are conducted in small groups, so your child has personalised guidance from their teachers, all of whom are ex-MOE teachers.

Our weekly live-streamed lessons engage students in a content-rich and interactive learning environment. The meticulously crafted curriculum is designed to give your child ample practice and revision in each topic, question type, and examinable component. 

Because we’re committed to helping students, we’re also keeping fees for these weekly tutorials affordable at only $40/lesson (which will include the lecture). 

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Week Lesson
1st Mar to 7th Mar Term 1 Revision
8th Mar to 14th Mar Ratio
15th Mar to 21st Mar Ratio
22nd Mar to 28th Mar Ratio
29th Mar to 4th Apr Volume
Week Lesson
5th Apr to 11th Apr Volume
12th Apr to 18th Apr Volume
19th Apr to 25th Apr Term 2 Revision
26th Apr to 2nd May Term 2 Revision
Week Lesson
3rd May to 9th May Term 2 Revision
10th May to 16th May Decimals
17th May to 23rd May Decimals
24th May to 30th May Decimals
31st May to 6th Jun Percentage
Week Lesson
7th Jun to 13th Jun Percentage
14th Jun to 20th Jun Percentage
21st Jun to 27th Jun Break (No Lessons)
28th Jun to 4th Jul Average
Week Lesson
5th Jul to 11th Jul Average
12th Jul to 18th Jul Average
19th Jul to 25th Jul Rate
26th Jul to 1st Aug Rate
Week Lesson
2nd Aug to 8th Aug Term 3 Revision
9th Aug to 15th Aug Term 3 Revision
16th Aug to 22nd Aug Term 3 Revision
23rd Aug to 29th Aug Angles
30th Aug to 5th Sep Triangles
Week Lesson
6th Sep to 12th Sep Triangles
13th Sep to 19th Sep Quadrilaterals
20th Sep to 26th Sep Quadrilaterals
27th Sep to 3rd Oct SA2 Revision
Week Lesson
4th Oct to 10th Oct SA2 Revision
11th Oct to 17th Oct SA2 Revision
18th Oct to 24th Oct SA2 Revision
25th Oct to 31st Oct SA2 Revision
Week Lesson
1st Nov to 7th Nov SA2 Revision
8th Nov to 14th Nov P5/P6 Paper 1 Qns
15th Nov to 21st Nov P5/P6 Paper 1 Qns
22nd Nov to 28th Nov P5/P6 Paper 1 Qns
29th Nov to 5th Dec P5/P6 Paper 1 Qns
Week Lesson
6th Dec to 12th Dec Algebra (P6)
13th Dec to 19th Dec Break (No Lessons)
20th Dec to 26th Dec Break (No Lessons)
27th Dec to 2nd Jan Break (No Lessons)

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