Primary 4 - Science

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Science at P4 is where pupils learn to process more abstract ideas, a step up from the experience of touch-and-feel introduction to science at P3. The concepts learned are often less tangible, such as forms of energy and cycles in matter.

We will progressively introduce structures, skills and scientific thought processes to help pupils manage the complexities in these new topics. To help them achieve academic excellence, we will also revisit all the P3 topics and include practices with varied materials, from basic recall to higher-order analytical and application-type.

Weekly Lesson

Wednesday – 8 PM to 9 PM

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March 2020
9th Mar to 15th MarCycles in Matter
16th Mar to 22nd MarCycles in Matter
23rd Mar to 29th MarCycles in Matter
30th Mar to 5th AprCycles in Matter
April 2020
6th Apr to 12th AprLight Energy
13th Apr to 19th AprLight Energy
20th Apr to 26th AprLight Energy
27th Apr to 3rd MayLight Energy
May 2020
4th May to 10th MayHeat Energy
11th May to 17th MayHeat Energy
18th May to 24th MayHeat Energy
25th May to 31st MayHeat Energy
June 2020
1st Jun to 7th JunHeat Energy
8th Jun to 14th JunConsolidation of P4 topics
15th Jun to 21st JunConsolidation of P4 topics
22nd Jun to 28th JunConsolidation of P4 topics
29th Jun to 5th JulMaterials (P3 Revision)
July 2020
6th Jul to 12th JulMaterials (P3 Revision)
13th Jul to 19th JulMaterials (P3 Revision)
20th Jul to 26th JulMaterials (P3 Revision)
27th Jul to 2nd AugLife Cycles (P3 Revision)
August 2020
3rd Aug to 9th AugLife Cycles (P3 Revision)
10th Aug to 16th AugLiving & Non-Living Things (P3 Revision)
17th Aug to 23rd AugLiving & Non-Living Things (P3 Revision)
24th Aug to 30th AugTypes of Living Things (P3 Revision)
31st Aug to 6th SepTypes of Living Things (P3 Revision)
September 2020
7th Sep to 13th SepPlant System (P3 Revision)
14th Sep to 20th SepPlant System (P3 Revision)
21st Sep to 27th SepDigestive System (P3 Revision)
28th Sep to 4th OctDigestive System (P3 Revision)
October 2020
5th Oct to 11th OctYear-end Revision
12th Oct to 18th OctYear-end Revision
19th Oct to 25th OctYear-end Revision
26th Oct to 1st NovYear-end Revision
November 2020
2nd Nov to 8th NovRevision & Skills Training
9th Nov to 15th NovRevision & Skills Training
16th Nov to 22nd NovRevision & Skills Training
23rd Nov to 29th NovPreparatory Lessons for P5
30th Nov to 6th DecPreparatory Lessons for P5
December 2020
7th Dec to 13th DecRevision and Preparation for P5
14th Dec to 20th DecRevision and Preparation for P5
21st Dec to 27th DecRevision and Preparation for P5
28th Dec to 3rd JanRevision and Preparation for P5

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