Primary 4 - English

At the Primary 4 level, we aim to build up our students’ foundation in grammar to chart a smoother course for their upper primary journey. Without a strong foundation, many children will find the jump to Primary 5 and 6 quite challenging.

We want to make it easier for them by breaking the grammar basics down into one-hour lessons that are power-packed with learning points and short quizzes to test understanding. We also explore how these grammar basics are relevant to different facets of the English examination paper.

Want even more help to round out your child’s education?

Our lessons are conducted by ex-MOE teachers.

Our weekly live-streamed lesson engages students in a content-rich and interactive learning environment. The meticulously crafted curriculum is designed to give your child ample practice and revision in each topic, question type, and examinable component.

We have lesson recordings accessible for revision at your child’s own time so they can focus on areas of weakness.

Lecture and Tutorial for Primary 4 classes have the same curricula each week. The Lecture class is conducted with a larger group of students. The Tutorial class is conducted with a small group.

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Week Lesson
2nd Aug to 8th Aug Building a Story: Plots and Problems
9th Aug to 15th Aug Getting Started 101: The First Paragraph
16th Aug to 22nd Aug Composition Revision
23rd Aug to 29th Aug Oral Overview
30th Aug to 5th Sep Reading
Week Lesson
6th Sep to 12th Sep Stimulus-Based Conversation
13th Sep to 19th Sep Listening Comprehension Revision
20th Sep to 26th Sep Listening Comprehension Revision 2
27th Sep to 3rd Oct Grammar MCQ Revision
Week Lesson
4th Oct to 10th Oct Vocabulary MCQ Revision
11th Oct to 17th Oct Examination Prep 1
18th Oct to 24th Oct Examination Prep 2
25th Oct to 31st Oct Sentence Manipulation: Whom/Whomever
Week Lesson
1st Nov to 7th Nov Literature Module 1
8th Nov to 14th Nov Literature Module 2
15th Nov to 21st Nov Literature Module 3
22nd Nov to 28th Nov Literature Module 4
29th Nov to 5th Dec Literature Module 5
Week Lesson
6th Dec to 12th Dec Literature Module 2
13th Dec to 19th Dec Break (No Lessons)
20th Dec to 26th Dec Break (No Lessons)
27th Dec to 2nd Jan Break (No Lessons)

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