Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between a Lecture and a Tutorial?

A Lecture is an hour of intensive content teaching on key topics and concepts.

A Tutorial is an hour to 75 min of strengthening students’ understanding, assessment of learning and applications for the topic. Marking and feedback for students’ work done. Meet parents after every tutorial. Smaller class size.

How will class groupings be divided?

There will not be specific groupings. Our standard lessons are suitable for all students as they are well-paced and cater to all. Lessons are recorded for students who may need to learn and relearn.

Will there be any difference if the child is taking a standard or foundation subject?

Students taking subjects at foundation level will benefit from our lessons as they are designed and pitched at PSLE level. The lessons cover the whole range of topics for the standard subjects and students at foundation level can sieve out the topics relevant to them. 

Our lessons are recorded for repeated viewing, allowing for flexible learning at a pace that is comfortable. This is very helpful for students taking foundation subjects. They will be able to master the subjects at the standard level over time. We highly encourage parents to sit in our classes so that you are equipped to coach and guide your child. Our curriculum is also dynamic and constantly reviewed to meet the needs of our students.

Our lessons are part academic and part motivational. They are specially designed to engage and excite students about the subject matter. Once their interest is captured, the entire learning process becomes much easier and in many instances, accelerated. We encourage all P6 foundation students to take P5 standard lessons as well. Students taking foundation subjects at the P6 level can benefit more if they attend P5 and P6 lessons concurrently.

What worksheets will be used during lessons?
There will be pre-lesson tasks for students to complete. They can be found on the ClassIn application. There may also be worksheets assigned through the ClassIn platform. You may download and print it out prior to class for use during the lesson.
How do I access pre-lesson tasks set by tutors?

The pre-lesson tasks are usually uploaded one day before the scheduled class. Students have to log-in to the ClassIn software, click on the upcoming class and search under “Task” to find them.

What is the average class size?

A Lecture is a large class with intensive content teaching on key topics and concepts.

A Tutorial has an average class size of 8 to 10 students per class.

Are lesson videos and powerpoint slides downloadable?

Our powerpoint/lessons slides differentiate us from other education centers. The slides and the video lessons are our intellectual properties and are not downloadable. We do however, record every lesson. Playbacks of our lessons are available for students on ClassIn for 12 months.

How can my child preview a past class? How long is the preview valid for?

Inside ClassIn, click on the Calendar logo at the sidebar. You will be able to see a “Playback” tab. Playback and tasks are valid for 2 months.

Will new classes be added?

We have recently added new classes to our weekly schedule. We hope to start Chinese lessons, and other classes for other education levels (secondary school and even JC) in the near future.

How do I access the notes that students have saved during classes?

In the ClassIn application, click on the specific class you would like to view the notes for. Click on the “Course” button. After, click on the “Learning report” button to access the notes. This button is located beside the replay function.

My child has learning disabilities. Is the tutor trained for this situation?

All of TCHER Online teachers are ex-MOE teachers and they are trained in counselling and special needs. For an online learning platform like us, teachers are able to focus on teaching content and it is suitable for students of/with all backgrounds and conditions. It is in fact very suitable for students with special needs as all lessons are recorded for repeated viewing. This gives them the flexibility to learn at a comfortable pace.

Must I turn on the camera during class?
For verification purposes, registered students are required to turn on their cameras during classes.

Free Trial

How do I enrol for a trial class?

You can sign up for trial classes by filling up a form on our website. Click on “Register for Trial Classes” found on our website. Upon submission, you will receive an email containing instructions to download a software (ClassIn). Follow the instructions to download it, sign up for an account, and let us know once it’s done.

On the day of the class, get your child to log-in 10min before class starts. You are encouraged to sit in together with your child for lessons. At the end of every class, there will be a summary done by the teacher meant for parents.

I missed my trial lesson. Can I get a retrial?

If you have missed a trial lesson, kindly reach out to our customer service staff.


What are your class schedules like?

For our detailed schedules, please view the drop-down tab under “Our Courses” and click on “Timetable”.

I missed/am unable to make it for my paid lesson. Can it be rescheduled?

We only allow a certain number of reschedules. Rest assured that students will be able to replay the lessons on their own time through the ClassIn application.

Restricted to two (2) rescheduling of classes per TCHER Online Term.

Reschedules are not transferable across subjects. Transfers will only be approved if absolutely necessary, and considered on a case-by-case basis.

If all available dates/times for a subject clash with school activities once they are resumed, is it possible to switch the remaining lessons to another subject?

Yes, do contact our customer service team for help with this. We review all requests on a case-by-case basis.

Systems and Tech

How do I enter the class?

Your chosen classes will be added to your ClassIn account within 48 hours upon your purchase confirmation on our website. After signing up for an account, let us know and we will add classes to your account. After which, Under the Chat or Calendar tab, you should be able to see your allocated classes. When classes are about to start, there will be a pop-up notification. Click on the “Enter” button to enter the class.

Am I able to download the software on my laptop?
First download ClassIn on your handheld devices (iOS and Android).

Then download to your laptops or tablets or desktops to join classes. If using Windows, make sure your operating system is the latest version or at least, running on Windows 7.

I tried downloading it on my Mac but it says unable to download due to security reasons.

Go to your Preferences, select “Security & Privacy” and click the lock to make changes. Under “Allow apps download from…”, click “Allow”. Click the lock to save changes.

Why can't I sign up on ClassIn? Why am I getting an error message?

Ensure that you’ve selected the right country code, and that your phone number is a valid and registered number.

I have twins. Am I allowed to have just 1 account?

No, both should have their individual accounts to maximise their learning, as there are quizzes and students can ask questions at any point in time during the lesson.

Am I allowed to share classes between my children with just one account?
One paid student per lesson. Strictly no sharing of live lessons and recorded videos. We value integrity.


When do I need to pay for the lesson?

You can visit our website to purchase lessons for your child.

Do you have any cancellation policy, how can I get a refund?

TCHER Online reserves the right to our no refund policy.

What happens if my class falls on a Public Holiday?

For classes on Public Holidays, TCHER Online will arrange for reschedule or access to recorded lessons.

*All terms and conditions for the lessons are subjected to changes by the company.