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At CHER Online, we believe that the future of the classroom is online. By engaging our students with technology, we harness their online savviness and leverage their current interests.

Choose from English, Math or Science classes at the P4/5/6 level and save up to 60% off typical home tuition rates.

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Carefully crafted curricula to complement the MOE syllabi

Our teachers are all former MOE Teachers and Ex-PSLE Markers

Our teachers are passionate and make learning fun and engaging

Our curriculum is strategised for online learning and assessment

A revolutionary learning platform that is welcoming and safe from cyberbullying

Recorded Lessons
Students can replay lessons at home for further clarification

Be Involved
Attend lessons with your child and monitor their learning progress

Parental Feedback
Participate in our feedback session at the end of each class

Never spend time travelling to and from tuition again

Classes as low as $20 each

What our Students and Parents have to say:

My daughter really enjoyed her trial classes with CHER Online . The teachers were all very engaging and presented the lessons in a way that piqued the students’ interest in the subjects. The 1 hour lesson is just nice as it’s not too long to bore the students. CHER Online weekly online lessons help to reinforce what the student has learnt in school and I find this learning method very revolutionary in the tuition industry.

After attending CHER Online lessons , Gwen made a big jump and improved her SA1 score to 72%. I think she went from bottom 5 to top 5 in class. Highest in class was 80%. Average score was below 60%.

Sharon Lim (Parent)

My son Bhaveash managed to get a score of 90+ for his science test after attending Cher Online for 3 months.

I would like to thank CHER Online for introducing Mr Sherwin as a Science tutor to my child, Bhaveash. Mr Sherwin can teach with flexibility and explain the subject using the right approach. Bhaveash enjoys being able to interact through video conferencing with his tutor. He has gained confidence on answering challenging questions.

Kalai Vani Palaniandy (Parent)

My girl Tina really enjoyed her trial classes with CHER Online. The teachers were all very engaging and presented the lessons well. The 1 hour lesson is just nice as it’s not too long to bore the students.CHER Online weekly lesson system is well managed. This also allows parents and students to do revision. I am impressed. Therefore, I have decided to sign my daughter up for CHER Online learning platform as a supplement to her existing self-directed learning.

Thank you CHER Online for the good teachers and the platform for primary school students to espouse for remote learning during Singapore’s circuit breaker period.

Shirley Chong (Parent)

I feel that CHER Online is a good platform and provides a fun way to learn as there is interaction between the students and teacher. Also, should a student need assistance or have any dire questions, the student can raise up the virtual hand icon by pressing on it and that alerts the teacher. Then the teacher will answer the question and the student will be enlightened. Another function is the blackboard function. It allows the students to type out their answer and check if it’s correct as the teacher goes through the lesson. I like that trophies are awarded to students who give the right answer! Thus, some students might treat it as a game to think and answer. This helps me learn more as well with the urge of being attentive so I can gain more trophies at the end of the lesson. Last but not least, I’ve made many new friends online through CHER Online.

Jayden Tan (Student)

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Sign up for a free trial class to boost your child’s grades!