Plan & Pricing


High quality tuition and enrichment made affordable

Invest wisely in your child’s education and get the right team to help.

There’s a plan just for you.

A Lecture is an hour of intensive content teaching on key topics and concepts.

A Tutorial is an hour of strengthening students’ understanding, assessment of learning and applications for the topic. Marking and feedback for students’ work done. Meet parents after every tutorial. Smaller class size.


*Primary 4, 5 & P6


1 hour live-streamed lecture (webinar)


Video playback for revision

*Playback is available for 1 year.


Access to the whole year lesson videos (over 40 lessons)


Parent workshops, student PSLE preparation workshops


Monthly of 4 lessons
10% Discount (Pay till the end of the year) Available for Primary 4 & 5


*Primary 5 & 6 only


All features of Standard Plan


1 hour tutorial by ex-MOE teachers


Tutorial worksheets & marking


Access to "Ask TCHER Online" helpdesk


Monthly workshop for parents and students on Peak Performance


Monthly of 8 lessons

10% Discount
(Pay till the end of the year)
Available for Primary 5

Terms and Conditions


  1. Registration fee of SGD$20 is waived.
  2. 5% of all our proceeds goes towards our sponsorship programme to support financially needy students to attend TCHER Online lessons.
  3. Restricted to two (2) rescheduling of classes per TCHER Online Term.
  4. For verification purposes, registered students are required to turn on their cameras during classes.
  5. One paid student per lesson. Strictly no sharing of live lessons and recorded videos. We value integrity.
  6. For classes on Public Holidays, TCHER Online will arrange for reschedule or access to recorded lessons.
  7. TCHER Online reserves the right to our no refund policy and termination of a user for violating our Terms & Conditions.
  8. All lesson resources are intellectual property of TCHER Online, and are for the sole use of the user and the immediate family only. Any infringement thereof, i.e. making copies, misappropriation, selling, or distribution, is subject to criminal and/or civil liability.
  9. By registering with TCHER Online, your personal data will be used to process your order, support your experience throughout this website.  At the same time TCHER Online may collect, use and disclose your personal data to receive marketing, advertising, and promotional material.  TCHER Online may use screenshots from lessons that include your child’s picture and videos with or without screen name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising and web content.