Primary 4 to Primary 6

English, Mathematics and Science

Find out why these parents choose Cherrr

Esther Lim

Lessons are all well prepared. The experience of the teachers was evident as they were not only able to manage the lessons well, but were also encouraging. 

Martin Goh

Lessons started on time and the sessions had well-timed breaks for Matthew to move on to the next subject. Cherrr online tuition has great educational content and Matthew learned many things, stepping out of his comfort zone at times. 

Sharon Lim

The 1 hour lesson is just nice as it’s not too long to bore the students. Cherrr’s weekly online lessons help to reinforce what the student has learnt in school and I find this learning method very revolutionary in the tuition industry. 

Remy Heng

Cherrr is a great interactive platform and has a variety of tools to enhance learning.

The teachers share insightful tips as well as reinforce key concepts on top of keeping the students motivated and engaged. 

Michael Chiang

I found that there was a good interaction between students and teachers. The teachers on the screen were also actively answering the students’ inquiries. When students are in doubt, teachers will also explain the exercises and assign relevant homework to the kid.

Why Cherrr?

Get to know us via this short video

Cherrr on Channel 8 前线追踪

The Future Classroom

At Cherrr, we believe the future of the classroom is online. Our online lessons will change the way we think about schooling and learning. It will be transformational for our children. They will learn and master subjects like never before.

They will love learning.

Group and Individual Learning Spaces

At Cherrr, students from all walks of life can attend our online classes and gain access to resources to excel in their studies. We create group and individual learning spaces for our students to excel, where they can learn anytime and anywhere.

How do we achieve that?

Our lessons are live-streamed by the best teachers to support learning, with our curricula carefully crafted to complement the MOE syllabi. 

Our lessons are recorded so that students can learn and relearn at their own time after class.

Students learn in the comfort of their own home and time is saved from travelling. Parents are encouraged to attend classes alongside their children.

Parent Partnership

We strongly encourage parents to partner Cherrr to help support their children. We believe that parents are valuable stakeholders in their own children’s education.

Parents are highly recommended to attend the online classes with their child to gain a better understanding of the subjects and the academic challenges their child is going through.

There is a lesson summary section for parents conducted by the teacher at the end of every lesson. The teacher will share about the lesson’s topics and keep them informed of next week’s topic.

Our Beliefs

Every child can learn.

Every child is gifted and talented.

Every child should realise his or her academic potential.

Every child should have access to resources to succeed.

Every child deserves the best.  

Our Values

We seek to help our students improve their grades and to fall in love with learning.

We believe that every child deserves the best and should be given the best teaching resources to succeed.

We enrich our students by going beyond the textbooks and take them on an exploratory journey.

We value every child and seek to create a powerful group and individual learning space for them to succeed.

We co-create a joyful learning and working environment that brings out the best in us.

We work towards building a better world together with our partners and stakeholders in education.

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