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How does TCHER Online prepare our students for PSLE/Cambridge Primary Checkpoint and O-Levels/iGCSE?

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Why TCHER Online?

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Find out why these parents choose TCHER Online

My daughter really enjoyed her trial classes with TCHER Online. The teachers were all very engaging and presented the lessons in a way that piqued the students’ interest in the subjects. The 1-hour lesson is just nice as it’s not too long to bore the students. TCHER Online weekly online lessons help to reinforce what the student has learnt in school and I find this learning method very revolutionary in the tuition industry.

After attending TCHER Online lessons, Gwen made a big jump and improved her SA1 score to 72%. I think she went from bottom 5 to top 5 in class. Highest in class was 80%. The average score was below 60%.

Sharon Lim (Parent)

My son Bhaveash managed to get a score of 90+ for his science test after attending TCHER Online for 3 months.

I would like to thank TCHER Online for introducing Mr Sherwin as a Science tutor to my child, Bhaveash. Mr Sherwin can teach with flexibility and explain the subject using the right approach. Bhaveash enjoys being able to interact through video conferencing with his tutor. He has gained confidence in answering challenging questions.

Kalai Vani Palaniandy (Parent)

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